Promoting Environmental Sustainable Development

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Dr. Chido Chihobo



Dr Rony Sibanda



Consultancy in the field and areas of;

• Human -wildlife impact on forests and forest ecosystems

• Wildlife and veld management in dry eco-regions and other biomes,

• Forest resource base quantification, inventories, sustainable yields and environmental impact assessments

• Forestry related land-use studies- to include studies on rates of carbon emission and rates of deforestation by village and ward related regions

• Environmental education, community forestry and community based forest based projects

• Project monitoring and evaluation

• Agro-forestry as an integral of agriculture management

 -alley cropping, fodder production, fertility trenches, enrichment planting and nitrogen fixing trees

• Environmental impact assessments for forest based projects.

• Seedling production and propagation

• Domestication of indigenous wild trees.

• Citrus tree production, vegetative propagation of indigenous and exotic plants and the commercialization of their production

 -to include pruning regimes, thinning regimes, pollarding as well as enrichment planting

• Forest protection-

- Disease control, pest and insect control,

-fire management (community based and private fire management)




• Land suitability studies

• tree-crop interface

• trees outside the forests

• Tree and grass fodder production for improved woodland management

• agriculture-proper management and forage importation for bee keeping for sustainable commercial production of honey and its secondary products

• carbon emissions on agriculture crop production and its mitigation/adaptation.

• stocking densities for sustainable veld utilization

Prof. Arnold Mashingaidze



Dr. Murungweni