Promoting Environmental Sustainable Development

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Emmaus International

Emmaus International, founded in 2005, is a developmental non-governmental organization dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to socio-economic and environmental concerns. It is a professionally managed and committed NGO active in local, international capacity building and policy advocacy and lobbying, and issue based networking.


Emmaus International's vision is to eradicate poverty through environmental sustainable development initiatives.

Mission Statement

To promote environmental sustainable development.

To educate the citizens about the environmental and economic threats posed by climate change

Towards a climate resilient development.

Towards agri-enviroment.

Core Values

To transform sustainability into opportunities, we not only need people with the right skills, but also with the right values. We have defined our key values as:

  • Inspire, engage, create and deliver
  • Environmental stewardship,
  • Community sustainability and social justice,
  • Recognition of power relations,
  • Transparency and accountability to our stakeholders,
  • Engaging plurality of partners and perspectives,
  • Continuous learning across all our work,
  • Compliance and we use them as the standards to measure our impact. We believe they enable us to create sustainable value for our stakeholders in the key areas we have defined.

Our Work

  • Advocacy
  • Capacity Development
  • Communications
  • Joint Action
  • Research and Development
  • Consultancy


In partnership with the public, communities, business, governments, local authorities, educational institutions, community groups, development partners and not-for-profit organizations. Emmaus International works to achieve real and measurable results in reducing our impact on the environment.